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Determined to be Spring Minded


I can’t believe Monday and Tuesday have both come and gone already! We’re nearing moving day and it seems like every day as I’m checking things off of the to do list, more pop up or hours disappear on tasks that I thought would only take minutes.

5 more days…

I’m still making time for some crocheting even if I haven’t posted in a couple of days. It’s been cold and dreary, so in order to cheer myself up I’m making a variety of spring things for my new stitch markers! I’m tired of the grey, so I’m going to focus on these cute, bright reminders that warmth is on the way. They’re a nice small project I can sit and complete while I’m getting things done around the house. I’m averaging one a day, so I only have two so far. I really dig them! Hopefully as my pace picks up and more items drop off the move list, I’ll be able to complete a couple a day.IMG_20150325_142713

I’ve made a few stitch markers in the past, but I haven’t been entirely satisfied with them and it’s usually because of whatever it was I made to hang. I do love the lobster claws as opposed to the open hooks though. They attach easily with one hand, don’t fall off, don’t get caught on my yarn while I’m working… really efficient. I’ll keep y’all posted as I make more. I’d like to complete a set of 10. I think that’s a manageable goal for me right now.

I also think that’s where my focus is this week. Making manageable goals to not let my creative habits slide to make room for my obligations.

I’m determined to be productive and celebrate my creativity!

I can totally get all of the things done… you just wait.


Hello Spring… Goodbye Convenience Items?

Hello Spring… Goodbye Convenience Items?

Banana Pancakes and coffee!

A WAY better combo than the combo of snow and rain outside… *sigh* 11 more days until beach life…

Am I late to the party in knowing that I can make myself a cup of coffee with my tea ball infuser? I am so pleased by this discovery, I think I’m going to get rid of my Keurig.

I’ve been holding strong and minimizing and packing to be ready for our upcoming move, y’all. I’m so proud of myself. No waiting to the last minute this time! That also means that we’re getting to the point where we’re starting to live without certain things or will start looking for them in boxes pretty soon… first example: our Keurig. I emptied it out so it can be packed and then realized I really wanted needed a cup of coffee to get going today. As I stared at the box of coffee asking myself if tea would cut it, a thought struck me. Why can’t I just put my coffee grounds in my infuser? Essentially coffee is made by passing hot water through coffee grounds, so what’s the difference between this and a french press or cold press? I know you’re supposed to use about 1 T of grounds per 8 fl oz of water, but my tea ball won’t hold that much. Resolution: I filled one side with grounds, heated up my tea pot, poured it over, and let it steep for maybe 3 minutes, and Viola! Coffee! It’s delicious and exactly what I needed.

As for you, Keurig… Where we’re living right now has such hard water, I’m having to clean my Keurig practically once a month to keep it running properly which effectively makes it MORE effort than anything else I could be doing that would give me a superior cup… not to mention the waste. To think I could have been doing this for the last year instead of spending countless hours running vinegar solutions and water through to clean the lines, figuring out how to take it apart to get rid of the bugs that took up residence inside (yes, that really happened and it was just as gross as it sounds), buying K-Cups then the reusable K-Cup… No more!

I think that’s it. Goodbye Keurig it was nice knowing you, Hello new infuser I am going to buy specifically for coffee.


Update on those Banana Pancakes I made at the beginning of February and next convenience item on the chopping block… Eggos, our relationship is over. I made the whole batch of banana pancake batter that my recipe produces, but since it’s just me and Hubs we didn’t come close to finishing them all. I cooked them up, put them in individual ZipLock baggies, and stuck them in the freezer.

That was over a month ago, this morning I heated them up in my toaster oven (while my coffee brewed), slathered some crunchy peanut butter on them, poured some warm maple syrup over the top, and it worked!! They are delicious and so much healthier than those “waffles” I’ve been eating. I’m keeping these in the freezer from now on.

Talk about healthy minimizing, y’all. I feel fantastic. Healthy changes for a new beginning.

This started off as a post about the stuffed peppers I made the other day, but I couldn’t stop writing about how pleased I am that I’m decluttering my diet, my day, and my home.

Don’t worry. Those stuffed peppers are still coming. 20150316_193526_Richtone(HDR)-1

Turning The Page On Partial Projects


To keep myself from packing the whole house all at once and leaving us living out of boxes, I’m finishing partial projects. I’m telling myself this is helpful because I am minimizing the amount of space they are taking up and making them easier to pack… plus who wants to live out of boxes while you’re just waiting to load them in the car and take off? No one, that’s who.

I’ve also discovered my ability to justify crocheting when I should be cleaning knows no bounds… but I digress.

In an effort to challenge myself beyond hats, headbands, fingerless gloves, and scarves and after much scanning of Pinterest for inspiration, I decided to make a tote bag to carry my works in progress. It’s not perfect and it’s taken me far longer than it should have (thanks to general indecision), but I am proud of my bag. I think it’s a fairly decent first effort and it’s mine!

I have no pattern for it. Well that’s not entirely true. I have a partial pattern, but I changed my mind so many times that it’s more the idea of a pattern.

I looked at a bunch of different free patterns online (my goal originally being to finally follow a pattern start to finish to learn how things actually should be done… ha) and unable to decide on one, I roughed a general idea and set off.

20150126_02The original idea was pretty straight forward. A two-handled reusable shopping tote style bag with potentially a solid base. However once I had it worked through and mocked up with handles and all, I wasn’t satisfied and couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. You know that feeling. It’s not quite what you had in mind, but it’s going to take some more study before you can figure out why. It’s like your subconscious designer has a different plan than your conscious designer, but won’t share. Like a teacher waiting for you to come to an answer on your own before proudly stating they knew all along.

First of all, when I threw it over my shoulder the straps were WAY too long. Plus I’d made the bag rather large compared to my reusable grocery bags, so it was very…. floppy. I tried putting the solid base in the bottom, but it felt cumbersome. Second of all, it was missing a certain amount of panache. No details to speak of to set it apart.

So I put it down to think and two months later I think I’ve got it! Or at least aIMG_20150313_112642 first version. Once I start using it and improving my skill sets (i.e. my awful hand-sewing and the daunting concept of zippers in knits) I know I will come up with some modifications, but at least I’m very happy taking it out for a spin in public now!

On to the next project!