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Just A Quickie

Just A Quickie

Y’all, I leave tomorrow! As in 24 hours until the beach. Last night Hubs and I had a going away get together at our favorite bar (which just so happens to be the same bar we met in) and so many of our friends and family went out of their way to show up to give us their love and support. It was emotional and a blast… and my head only hurts a little today, so I must have done something right haha

That said, between all of the packing my crochet breaks really turned into a lifesaving device PLUS I made a new bag! It’s funny how and when inspiration hits us (take me, typing this… on my phone… in bed). I was packing all of my yarn and found a work in progress that I didn’t start in the basket of yarn my dad gave me from storage a couple years back. It looked like two squares attached by two straps, but not quite big enough to use for anything. I studied the granny squares it was made up of, added a few more, added a little embellishment, and it was probably the best little purse I’ve made yet! I can’t believe how handy it is that I just started figuring out granny squares… what last week?

So! Next week I’m going to make a couple more from scratch and write the pattern.

Actually it fits my hook case perfectly, I’m thinking this is my new project bag!

Happy Sunday!
The next time I post, I’ll have sand between my toes 🙂


See You Next Year, St. Pat


Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone.20150318_143359_Richtone(HDR)-1

It’s funny. Five years ago I never would have thought that I’d be out on St. Patrick’s sitting in a quiet(ish) booth with my husband planning closet space, playing trivia… and having the time of my life! Twelve days to go.

Anyway. I’ve recently discovered the pleasure that are granny squares. Since I started crocheting regularly again, I’ve been so focused on crocheting things I could either wear or make use of, that I haven’t really played. Just played! With different stitches, different yarn weights, patterns, textures… I should have done this AGES ago!

I think this one for St. Pat’s came out pretty good. So if anyone wants to play along or make suggestions or share alterations they made, here is how I did it.

I used standard worsted weight yarn in Dark Green, Light Green, White, and Gold and my handy H-8/5 mm hook.

Stitches/techniques used:

Magic Ring

CH = chain

SL = slip stitch

SC = single crochet

HDC = half double crochet

DC = double crochet

TR = treble crochet

PS = puff stitch

CS = cluster stitch

Row 1 (Dark Green): Turn a magic ring and SC 12 around, pull closed, SL to join

Row 2 (Dark Green): CH 3, DC in first SC and in each one after that, SL to join with the CH 3, tie off and change colors

Row 3 (Light Green): SL through center, *CH 7, skip 3 posts and SL through center,* repeat *-* x 3, SL to join to first loop (4 loops), tie off and change colors

Row 4 (Dark Green): SL around loop from Row 3 leaving a long tail; approx 2 inches,IMG_20150317_115829 *HDC x 2 around loop, DC x 2, TR x 2, DC x1, HDC x 1, TR x 2, DC x 2, HDC x 2,* HDC around next loop and repeat *-*, continue like this around each following loop, SL to join to initial loop, SC around the tail from the beginning of the row, continue to SC down the tail until about 1/2″ from the end, attach the end back on itself to create a small loop

20150317_124456_Richtone(HDR)Row 5 (Light Green): SL in space between DCs from Row 2 to start the next row, *CH 2, CS in each of the next 3 spaces,* repeat *-* x 3, CH 2, SL to first CH 2 to join, tie off and change colors

Row 6 (White): SL in corner space, CH 2, CS in same space using the CH 2 as first part of the stitch, *CS in each of the next 2 spaces,CS – CH 2 – CS in corner space,* repeat *-* x 2, CS in next 2 spaces, CS – CH 2 in final space, SL to join to CH 2, tie off and change colors

Row 7 (Gold): SL in corner space, CH 2, CS in same space using the CH 2 as first part of the stitch, *DC x 4 in next space, HDC x 4 in next, DC x 4 in final space for that side, CS – CH 2 – CS in corner space,* repeat x 2, DC x 4, HDC x 4, DC x 4, CS – CH 2 in final space, SL to join to CH 2, tie off and change colors

Row 8 (White): SL in corner space, CH 2, CS is same space using the CH 2 as first part of the stitch, CH 2, *(PS, CH 2,) repeat (-) x 3, CS – CH 2 – CS, CH 2,* repeat *-* x 2, repeat (-) x 4, CS in final space, CH 2, SL to join, tie off and change colors

I’m not planning on turning this square into an afghan, so I trimmed my square as follows…

Row 9 (Dark Green): SL in corner space, CH 1, SC in the stitch above the CS from Row 8, (HDC x 5 in 1st space, SC in stitch above Row 8 PS, *HDC x 6 in next space, SC above Row 8 PS,* repeat *-* x 2, HDC x 5, SC above Row 8 CS, HDC x 7 in corner, SC in Row 8 CS,) repeat (-) x 3, SL to join, tie off!

Please share a photo if y’all try it out. I’m still learning to write patterns, so I would love the feedback!

Go! Have fun, play, explore.

Turning The Page On Partial Projects


To keep myself from packing the whole house all at once and leaving us living out of boxes, I’m finishing partial projects. I’m telling myself this is helpful because I am minimizing the amount of space they are taking up and making them easier to pack… plus who wants to live out of boxes while you’re just waiting to load them in the car and take off? No one, that’s who.

I’ve also discovered my ability to justify crocheting when I should be cleaning knows no bounds… but I digress.

In an effort to challenge myself beyond hats, headbands, fingerless gloves, and scarves and after much scanning of Pinterest for inspiration, I decided to make a tote bag to carry my works in progress. It’s not perfect and it’s taken me far longer than it should have (thanks to general indecision), but I am proud of my bag. I think it’s a fairly decent first effort and it’s mine!

I have no pattern for it. Well that’s not entirely true. I have a partial pattern, but I changed my mind so many times that it’s more the idea of a pattern.

I looked at a bunch of different free patterns online (my goal originally being to finally follow a pattern start to finish to learn how things actually should be done… ha) and unable to decide on one, I roughed a general idea and set off.

20150126_02The original idea was pretty straight forward. A two-handled reusable shopping tote style bag with potentially a solid base. However once I had it worked through and mocked up with handles and all, I wasn’t satisfied and couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. You know that feeling. It’s not quite what you had in mind, but it’s going to take some more study before you can figure out why. It’s like your subconscious designer has a different plan than your conscious designer, but won’t share. Like a teacher waiting for you to come to an answer on your own before proudly stating they knew all along.

First of all, when I threw it over my shoulder the straps were WAY too long. Plus I’d made the bag rather large compared to my reusable grocery bags, so it was very…. floppy. I tried putting the solid base in the bottom, but it felt cumbersome. Second of all, it was missing a certain amount of panache. No details to speak of to set it apart.

So I put it down to think and two months later I think I’ve got it! Or at least aIMG_20150313_112642 first version. Once I start using it and improving my skill sets (i.e. my awful hand-sewing and the daunting concept of zippers in knits) I know I will come up with some modifications, but at least I’m very happy taking it out for a spin in public now!

On to the next project!