Hockey, Harry Potter, snow-Havoc

Hockey, Harry Potter, snow-Havoc

It’s been a few days and what a few days indeed!

As we’ve gotten closer to moving day, Hubs and I have been trying to knock items off of our D.C. bucket list. Knowing how much I’m going to miss the readily available assortment of professional sports we have here, Hubs took me to one more hockey game. These were the best seats I’ve ever had AND we won 5-1! It was a great game to send us off from D.C. and…. it was Ovechkin Bobblehead night (the latter quite possibly the most exciting part).


The official lagging behind the other three is walking across ice in stilettos. This may have been the most impressive display of shoepidity I’ve encountered to date. Also, Pat Sajak is sitting above the Chili’s sign!

20150219_03  20150219_05

That was Wednesday. Friday we celebrated my very good friend’s birthday, so I spent most of the week crocheting my little fingers off putting the finishing touches on her present (there’s your hint another crochet pattern is coming!).



Cauldron Shots: 2 parts RumChata, 1 part Fireball

Well this didn’t actually start out as a birthday party, but since my friend’s birthday was postponed we turned our knitting/crocheting/Harry Potter movie-thon sleepover into a surprise Harry Potter themed slumber party! It was totally last minute, but we managed to pull it off I think. We mixed up some butter beer and hot chocolate, put out treats (Bertie Botts’ jelly beans, chocolate snitches, and ton tongue toffees), cauldron shots, and everyone had their own Sorting Hat (kinda). Not too shabby for 24 hour notice.

After reading recipe upon recipe for butter beer, I finally decided on one that seemed simple and flavorful. This seemed to be the least sweet compared to other recipes I saw that called for butterscotch syrup and caramel and the finished product is not too shabby at all… if not a little dangerous. You can’t taste the liquor at all. My only critiques would be that it’s still a little sweet for me to drink all night and I think it needed more bubbles. Next time, I’ll add a little club soda to see how that balances it out.

For (1) 8 fl oz serving of Butter Beer

1-1/2 fl oz Butterscotch Schnapps

1 fl oz Vanilla Vodka (we used Smirnoff)

Top off with A&W Cream Soda

As for the rest, our Sorting Hat party hats were actually Thomas the Train party hats! We used black foam to make the brims, black construction paper to cover the rest, and trimmed it with some green wire ribbon. Our Chocolate snitches were Ferrero Rochers. We used my salted caramels for the “ton tongue toffees”. My friend decorated with horcruxes, cauldrons, and candles. It was a fun night that turned into a fun weekend thanks to the snow in the morning. By the time we were all human it was dangerous driving, so day number two of our slumber party was equally as fun.


For the record, holding a mini cauldron filled with liquid and taking a group selfie is a challenge.

Talk about a whole week of being kind to myself!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend! I will see you with that pattern tomorrow.

Tonight? The Walking Dead.


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  2. That was one absolutely amazing birthday. I’m SO glad that you were a part of it! And I ADORE my needle clutch! It’s really amazing- sturdy and adorable and practical. You’re not allowed to move away!!


    • You are amazing for being nerdy enough to appreciate a Harry Potter party for adults where we also knit/crochet! You have to come visit a bunch so we can have more nerdy yarn sleepovers 🙂


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