Be Kind To Yourself


Happy Presidents’ Day, all!

Another week full of blessings has passed and I’ve made it here to reflect, be thankful, and set more goals for this coming week.

First and foremost, I am grateful that I didn’t have to walk the dog this weekend because Hubs loves me and because… negative temperatures, y’all! I am NOT built for this shit.

Which brings me to how grateful I am that by this time next year, I’ll think 35 degrees is yesterday’s -11. Six more weeks.

I had two dates this weekend! Friday night lady date to go see 50 Shades and Saturday afternoon brunch with Hubs and one of my very best friends (FYI: Founding Farmers in Tyson’s is just fabulous! Especially their chocolate coconut creme filled Jefferson donut… that was a game changer) .

On a more serious note, I am grateful that in weather like this past week and the potential snow we have in store tonight that I have a roof over my head, heat in my home, and warm clothes when so many don’t.

A conversation I had this weekend stuck with me and I really need to share.

If others spoke to us and put us down the way we do ourselves, we wouldn’t keep them around us very long.

Think about that. If every time you showed your picture to someone else they made disparaging observations how would that make you feel? If every time you spoke to someone they minimized your thoughts and opinions, would you speak to them anymore? A wonderful, beautiful woman I admire showed me pictures from an important event she attended and in every picture she pointed out her flaws before I even had a chance to look at them and it broke my heart. It also made me realize just how often we all do this!

Whether they are the words we’ve heard from others so often we believe them or whether we feel the need to say it before someone else does so it hurts less, we repeat these negative phrases over and over again. Eventually it doesn’t matter where it came from because we’ve made those awful thoughts our own and it’s a hard process to break. Everyone has self-doubt (even the folks who act like they don’t… promise), but you don’t have to let that hold you back. It’s ok to love you. That’s why this week I’m letting her inspire me in yet another way (as she already inspires me and so many others in many other ways).I-choose-to-be-kind-to-myself

This week’s positive affirmation is also a challenge to her and myself. This week there will be no self-deprecation. When I catch myself diminishing my words, thoughts, or physical appearance, I will stop and remember that Today I choose to be kind to myself.

Get out there and be nice to yourself. You deserve it.

… I highly recommend starting with a Jefferson donut.


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