Cans and Plans


I had every intention of this being the post where I publish my first crochet pattern. I even have a few sketches, the beginnings of patterns, and a couple of pattern studies! See?

Houndstooth pattern study

Houndstooth pattern study

Chevron pattern study

Chevron pattern study

Neither made sense or was quite what I had in mind… until late this afternoon!! I’ve totally nailed it this time. I swear.

That said, I will finish it in the next couple of days with lots of pictures, so keep your eyes peeled for awesomeness. It’s coming.

This whole experience has really started me thinking about the creative process and how I experience it. Part of me wants to create a lovely finished product that is also functional and easy to reproduce. The other part of me just wants to figure it out. I need to know how it works. I need to see if I can figure it out by myself. I need to take it apart, analyze it, and put it back together. The first part gives me the ideas and the desire to begin. The second part is what keeps my pencil to the paper or picks up a crochet hook and any close skein of yarn without fear of making a mistake.

Inspiration and motivation.

This week I want to dwell in that place. I want to embrace my curiosity… and use it to complete projects.

Last week my affirmation for myself was, “I can do this” and it inspired me all the way through the week. I learned that I am capable of far more than I’ve been giving myself credit for.

This week my positive affirmation will be, “I am driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

Now let’s get out there and live creatively!

… or as Liz Gilbert would say, “Onward!”


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