I am Batman


As I was playing on the internet this morning I stumbled across this…

batman tire swing

Now, I know the website is called Sad And Useless – The Most Depressive Humor Site On The Internet and that seems counterintuitive for what this project is all about, but stay with me. I (sorta) know what I’m doing. I probably misinterpreted the humor on this post because my first thought was, “That’s so perfect and adorable!” Who says you have to do big, outlandish, crazy things to have adventures? Who says you have to save Gotham to be someone’s hero? Maybe your version of saving Gotham is getting the trash to the curb just before the trash guys show up!

Life is a series of ordinary adventures.

The more I’ve told myself this week “I can do this” the more everyday things felt like an adventure and when completed I feel like Batman. Posting something for the first time made me feel like the next Liz Gilbert. I ran 3.5 miles (no walking, no inhaler) two days in a row at the gym and felt like I completed the Boston Marathon. It was 20 degrees outside and I walked the dog anyway… several times, so obviously that makes me ready to tackle the Iditarod.

Everyone has their own experiences, their own personal challenges. Big or small they are important to that person, to you. It’s ok if your challenge for the day is getting out of bed and brushing your teeth if completing that makes you feel like your personal hero because once you feel like that hero, you start looking at other challenges more positively!

A few years ago I was taking the metro downtown and there was a lady standing at the top of the escalator. She looked like she was trying to time double dutch watching those stairs roll away from her. And she looked terrified. When I walked up she started to tell me to go ahead, but stopped and asked if I would help her. She was so scared to take that first step. So I held her hand, timed our step, and we were off. That day, the escalator was her adventure. For me, it was stopping everyone behind us to buy her a little more time and helping a stranger. We both got to feel like superheroes doing what are everyday, ordinary things.

Go put your cape on and do something ordinary.

It’s 24 degrees outside. I’m gonna walk the dog.


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  1. I do the ‘little engine that could’ mantra in my head when I’m doing ordinary things that feel like pulling a train up a mountain…. “I think I can, I think I can….”

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    • I love it! I caught myself humming the Indiana Jones theme song today while negotiating traffic on 66… then again later while I finished up tasks to assist my friend in her art class! It will always make me sit up a little straighter.


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