It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


And here it’s 5 AM.

I guess you know you’ve done something right when you wake up in the middle of the night really early the next morning brimming with more ideas! Who would have thought I’d have so much to say? ( … It’s ok. I laughed too after thinking that. I’ll wait until you catch your breath.) I have so many seeds for new posts! It’s all so exciting and I can’t wait to share. There’s something so beautiful about the stillness of early morning. It’s like the world is all yours to do with as you wish while everyone else is sleeping and this new day is full of so much possibility.

This brings me to my positive affirmation for this week… I can do this!

Whether “this” is running every day or writing a post for “this” blog or making a crochet pattern for the first time for “this” project I’m working on, I’ve totally got “this”. If you’re like me, some days I’m convinced I can see the end result of an action before I even get started. Usually when that happens the end result is a negative one… I’ll stop posting in a couple weeks and everyone will know I gave up, I’ll get too lazy to go to the gym and it’ll be a waste of money, I’ll just get frustrated if I try… with results like that why would I even bother getting started? How arrogant of me! I mean really. That’s what it is. It’s arrogant to think you know so much that the experience of learning isn’t worth the time and effort. What else are we here for besides to try and learn and grow? Who am I to stop my own progress? No more! It’s time for me to start being in the present, having actual experiences instead of trying to look into the future to avoid them.

I can do this!



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