And we’re off…





  1. 1. a group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group.

“the housing committee”

synonyms: board, council, brain trust

“she appointed a committee to look into the busing issue”

I lovingly think of my group of close friends as the “itty bitty positivity committee”. When I am around them I can’t help but to feel happier than I had been in the minutes before seeing them. They are encouraging, bright, clever, and kind and I couldn’t be more blessed. It’s taken me a LONG time to develop these positive friendships. I’ve let go of a lot of relationships that either stifled growth through efforts to control or were so rooted in mutual unhappiness that all that was created was more unhappiness. It is never an easy decision to let go (and for me it usually comes after years of ups and downs), but I’ve come to learn that it’s up to me to guard my happiness. I can always do better and with that in mind I am making it a point to focus on my happiness and create positive habits. The more I find blessings in each day (even if they are very small), the more it becomes a habit.

It’s so easy to talk about what’s going wrong. Talking about what’s going right can often feel like bragging or make us nervous that if we acknowledge the good things it’ll hurt more when they disappear. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tired of being afraid of judgment and loss!

So here’s the deal. I want to be strong enough to enjoy my blessings as they come. Each week I have to make a list of things I’m grateful for that happened the previous week and find positive affirmations for the coming week to focus on. Each day I work towards my happiness whether it’s 30 minutes of running, crocheting a new project, cooking a new recipe, or training my dog and I’ll tell y’all all about it (cause let’s face it, the accountability helps).

Let’s go!



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